Monday, October 20, 2008

Vision 2020!!!

NetBeans as I see in future looks more catastrophic and blasting.. Well with all whelm I'd love to see the psychic part of me here.. Netbeans- No wonder as the word suggests might be a virtual vegetable for all those geeks hangin around comp 24x7.
Who knows what possible wonders would NetBeans create as time moves on.. It might go up to virtual Reality. We might expect a Virtual Reality plugin for NetBeans which would allow us see what our mind can ever imagine. We might expect NetBeans to be used in the field of Medicine. In therapies, Operations, Transplantation. We can as well expect NetBeans to be used in extensive Space exploration, Who knows one day Space Shuttle would be programmed using NetBeans :). NetBeans would even find it's application in the field of Neural Networks to train Robotic Brains which could match Human skills. I wish NetBeans would run on all possible platforms including PSPs, Handheld devices, Mobiles...
Netbeans might be the most fantabulous Grand Unified IDE supporting all possible Programming Languages including Hardware simulation programs as well..
NetBeans everywhere.. It would be an era of NetBeans. It might become a concept and an idea in itself.
Oops I'm out of my dreamz..

The above published article is in no way relevant to the possibility of it being true to the most extent possible. The author doesn't guarantee the truthfulness or fallacy of the article in any conceivable way. Believe it at your own risk. <(B)

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