Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get Pootled!!

Pootle stands for PO-based Online Translation / Localization Engine.
It has few cool features which are listed below:-

1. Greater flexibility for translators and new translators, you don't have to worry about the programming.

2. Cool feature is experiencing the translation of Pootle itself in you language on the fly, When you log in, you can override this language by choosing something else than the default. If your browser is configured to request Kannada, Pootle should automatically use that as the interface language for new users (who are not logged in).

3. Has online review, merging facilities etc..

4. Cool quality check on the fly and Translators can do a online testing very quickly.

6. Obvious, QA testing for po files are also listed here.

5. It is an open source free software and any one can use or contribute to it. It just has couple of steps to get the login and people are so responsive that they will help you in getting started.

So folks keep up the spirit, time to get involved in translating your Mother tongue!

Get Started now!! Good Luck!!

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